Gravitonus Workstation:Disable-Friendly and Gamers Workstation

Posted on October 27, 2008


We had seen a lot of different kinds of workstation in the market, however we haven’t truly seen the one that really give us the most advantage features. Now, Gravitonus introduce their new workstation that is ergonomic, full modular and particularly designed and adapted for high-tech luxury market applications. What they mean by luxury? You sure curious about it right? Don’t worry; we will give you the best details we got right now. This workstation system allows users to move freely, it comes with an on-board computer which constantly analyses position of your body and pressure on different part of your body. With all of these analyses, the system will adapts the user depending on their psychophysical activity and create maximum comfort that will fill in all your desire. Watch the picture and more information after the break! We will also provide you a small video of Gravitonus Workstation.


Gravitonus features a high tech gadgets name Matrox Triplehead that capable of align all the display attachment perfectly in the user’s best vision area in any body position, a special keyboard that allows user to move the keyboard freely in 3D and fix it in a place where the user want it to be, 5.1 sound system, shadow and glare-free illumination of the working area and dynamic exoskeleton for both hand. Woah, with all these features Gravitonus aims to increase productivity and ensures superior comfort level to the user. This workstation also equip with ACCS, gamers that use ACCS has a great advantage in speed and response time above his opponents, using general mouse, trackball or joystick

Via: Gravitonus

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