Thailand Hit the Crown-RPC 2008

Posted on October 23, 2008


Thailand Hit the RPC crown by defeating the Team Korea for their last 5 games.
But our own Team Philippines was defeated by Indonesia which will turned them in 3rd place.


….Otherwise, they still show to the other contender our great supreme in Ragnarok Online, which will make us proud…RAK ON!


See below the tournament result!!!:


RWC 2008 Tournament Tree


Meanwhile, here are the results of the matches. :

Countries with byes into the 2nd Round :

Day 1 official results:

Philippines vs. Germany – Philippines wins 2-0
Thailand vs. Brazil – Thailand wins 2-0
USA vs. Russia – USA wins 2-1
France vs. China – France wins 2-1
Philippines vs. Japan – Philippines wins 2-0
Thailand vs. Taiwan – Thailand wins 2-0

Day 2 Official Results:
USA vs. Korea – Korea wins 2-0
France vs. Indonesia – Indonesia wins 2-0
Philippines vs. Thailand – Thailand wins 2-0
Korea vs. Indonesia – Korea wins 2-0

Battle for 3rd (1 game only) – Philippines vs. Indonesia – Indonesia wins

Finals – Korea vs. Thailand – Thailand wins 3-2

Final Tally
Champion: Thailand
1st Runner Up: Korea
2nd Runner Up: Indonesia

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